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Tanalising Timber Treatment On Site

Timber Treatments

Tanalised timber treatment services for Southland and Otago

Have you recently milled the trees on your land to drum up a bit of extra cash during a period of drought? Are you interested to learn more about the process used at Young Brothers Posts for tanalising timber? 

Mosgiel-based timber merchants Young Brothers Posts provide pressure treated timber services using Lonza Tanalith® preservative products to ensure high-quality long-lasting timber products for your deer, cattle and sheep fencing, decks, retaining wall and landscaping needs.

As you may know, if not treated, radiata pine and other soft timber rots quickly - especially in wet conditions. By tanalising your wood, you help prevent deterioration, insect and fungal attacks and other nasty outcomes.


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Young Brothers Posts uses high-quality products for tanalising to ensure the best results

Young Brothers Posts prefer to use Tanalith® CCA wood preservative for tanalising. As well as being suitable for treating both sawn timber posts and timber poles, CCA preservative:

  • provides long-lasting protection against insects, wood decay and natural weathering
  • penetrates and is retained within the wood cell structure during the treatment process and cannot be easily removed
  • is approved for all treatment levels up to and including H6
  • is highly cost-effective
  • has unmatched durability for ground contact
  • has a record of use and performance going back 70 years

CCA preservative is recognised globally as having the best long term resistance to decay, termites and even marine organisms which is why Young Brothers Posts can safely guarantee your timber for 50 years.

Affordable timber treatment options

Young Brothers Posts specialises in three main grades of tanalising for timber: H3, H4 and H5. 

Treatment price* 

  • H3 Treatment $82.00 
  • H4 Treatment $110.00 
  • H5 Treatment $146.00 

*Prices are per cubic metre and exclude GST and freight 


If you are engineering a retaining wall and need a different treatment for your retaining wall posts, contact Young Brothers Posts to discuss.

The difference between H3, H4 and H5 

H3 tanalised timberThis treatment is for timber that is exposed to the weather but not in contact with the ground. This includes non-structural timber, for example fascia boards or weatherboards as well as for timber protected from the weather but with a risk of water entrapment like decking, fencing and garden structures.


H4 tanalised timber 
H4 is the main treatment used by the crew at Young Brothers Posts for in-ground posts, strainers, framing, structural and landscaping timber. Ideal where there is a risk of severe decay such as in-ground exposure.


H5 tanalised timber 
Ideal for situations where there's a risk of severe decay such as on or in-ground use or in severe or continuously wet conditions. Think tanalised building and deck piles, house piles, post and rail fencingretaining wall posts, crib walling and horticultural supports. 


For treated timber supplies, you can't beat Otago's timber supplies specialists Young Brothers Posts. From H5 treated timber poles to rough sawn timber - Young Brothers Posts supplies it all. 


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exclude GST and freight

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